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Question:  Can I order by email without entering an order on your online store?

Answer: You can email me anytime and I will try to answer any questions that you may have. For ordering, you would still have to order online in my online store.
There are many benefits when you order online:
1. You have a order number for every fully paid order which you can use to follow-up with me.
2. You can track your order and shipping status when you logon to your account on
3. I will be able to fulfill my orders on a first come first served basis and be fair to all customers.


Question: Can I order less than 5 pieces for each type of MBD Mask?

Answer: I would prefer that you order My Beauty Diary Mask in the multiples of 5. It would be good to find a friend who is willing to share the masks with you.


Question: Why can't I order the masks in smaller quantities?

Answer: This is to reduce my overhead as I manage the store alone.


Question: I am a blogshop owner, can I order some products from you and qualify for the wholesale price?

Answer: Yes. In fact I have been supplying blogshop owners in Japan, Canada and Singapore for some of the products I carry. Please contact me at for details of minimum ordering quantity for each different products.

Question: How do I tell if the MBD masks are real/authentic?

Answer: All the authentic MBD mask has manufactured date, expiry date and serial number just like the picture below

authentic mbd masks -